Personal Branding For Business Besties 101

One of the questions I get asked most when prepping for Personal Branding shoots is:


Choosing what to wear for a shoot can be quite tricky, made even trickier if there are TWO or even THREE of you featured in the shoot!

Here’s what I suggest if you’re having pics taken with your biz partner/partners:

The aim of the game is for your looks to be cohesive and to work well together without being too matchy matchy. One way of doing this is to choose a colour palette and then both wear something that incorporates those colours (that also aligns with your INDIVIDUAL STYLE – very important).

In the case of Shea and Danielle from @societytote (seen here in the featured pic) they chose to wear black and white (which happens to also be their logo colours/brand colours). To avoid looking too matchy I suggested that they wear their chosen colours in different ways – in their case gingham pieces  broken up with solid black. And don’t they look amazing?!?

Other ways to create a cohesive look without looking too matchy (using black and white as an example but you could insert any colour combo or pattern combo here):

• have one person wear all black and the other wear all white
• have one person wear black on the top and white on the bottom and the other to wear the opposite (white on the top and black on the bottom)
• have both people wear all black with one person adding a white blazer to break up the all black look

The above could work for any colour or pattern combination (like stripes, polka dots or florals) the list goes on!

Remember not to stress too much about what to wear, if you choose something that aligns with your personal style and it makes you feel comfortable and confident, you’ll ROCK your shoot!

If you need help with your Personal Branding photography or need help choosing what to wear for an upcoming shoot, I’d love to hear from you! Contact me by CLICKING HERE and I’ll be in touch!

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