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Did you know that Personal Branding images do NOT have to be boring, stuffy, awkward or cliche (especially if you’re a fabulous creative)!

Your personality and what makes you YOU should shine out of your images and connect with your potential customers and clients in a fun, inspiring and authentic way. Your aim is to create an emotional response from your viewer when they see your images.

Take Melanie from @sissoni featured in the pic below as an example. When I asked Melanie how she would like her potential clients to FEEL and what EMOTIONS she would like to evoke regarding HER and her business, Melanie said things like “I want them to feel at ease. I want them to feel welcome and that my brand is approachable and trustworthy, but also a bit luxe (high quality but not formal or stuffy). Which is basically how I live my life as well and how I would like my consulting business to be seen – high quality but informal (i.e. REAL)”.

In order to portray this luxe but approachable vibe, we decided to shoot some of Melanie’s shots in front of this gorgeous luxe bar setup with a cocktail in hand .

Whenever I see this shot, I feel like Melanie is welcoming me into this gorgeous space to enjoy a cheeky drink with her. It makes her feel totally approachable and friendly (‘not formal or stuffy’) yet she still looks super sophisticated and trustworthy

A great shot of an equally great gal! Makes you want to work with her huh?

If you need help with your Personal Branding photography, I’d love to hear from you! Contact me by CLICKING HERE and lets make magic happen!

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